Bill Clinton Goes on the Defensive in California as Protesters Question His Record

In the final hours before Tuesday’s primaries, Bill Clinton traveled all over California to drum up support for his wife, making one last push for his wife’s campaign. But in Richmond, the former President of the United States was bombarded with questions about his record and his wife’s ties to Wall Street.

Bill Clinton is a famously talented campaigner, but he also serves as a reminder of the policies he spearheaded during his tenure as president in the 1990s. The policies related to criminal justice issues, in particular, have struck a nerve with voters and have come under serious criticism in recent years.

In Richmond, Clinton appeared to relish in the back-in-forth between himself and one protestor, allowing the protestor to speak and responding to each of his objections. Just a few minutes into his 40-minute speech, an audience member began shouting about the 1994 crime bill. While supporters tried to drown out the protester, Clinton was quick to defend his administration.

“When the crime bill in 1994 came over from the House, it had stronger incarceration procedures than I originally asked for,” Clinton said. The former president acknowledged the bill’s incarceration measures were a mistake. While he admits that some of the measures were flawed, he defends other parts.

“You got community policing, you got after school programs… and you got the lowest crime rate in 25 years, the lowest murder rate in 33 years and the lowest death from illegal gun homicides in 47 years,” Clinton added.

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