Florida Senator Marco Rubio: Trump’s Comments are Offensive

Florida Senator Marco Rubio had strong words for Donald  Trump on Monday. The senator called Trump’s remarks about Judge Curiel “offensive.” Curiel is the appointed judge over Trump’s Trump University lawsuits.

The lawsuits allege that students were misled when applying to the school and were swindled of thousands of dollars in the process.

Trump criticized Curiel over the lawsuit, insinuating that he does not support Trump and that the legal process is “being unfair.” Trump also questioned the judge’s Mexican heritage, stating that the judge is being unfair because he’s “building a wall.”

Rubio said, “It’s offensive – he should stop saying it.” The Senator continued, “He’s wrong. The judge is an American.”

Rubio spoke to a group of reports on Monday evening and reaffirmed his support for Trump as president. “This is a tough decision for Republicans to make,” he stated. Republicans are rallying behind Trump in an effort to beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the general election.

“He truly is the only way to stop that,” stated Rubio when discussing a Hillary Clinton presidency. “On the other hand, you have something like you’ve seen today and the last few days,” he said in reference to Trump’s actions.

Written by Andrew

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