Tuesday is the Last Major Primary Day for Dems

Tuesday marks the last major primary day for Democrats (Republicans, too), with six states in line to vote: New Jersey, New Mexico, California, Montana, North Dakota (Dems only) and South Dakota. California offers the biggest prize for both sides. On the Democrat side, an upset win by Bernie Sanders will give his campaign the fuel it needs to march on to July’s convention.

Many news outlets are reporting that Hillary Clinton has already clinched the nomination, but these figures include superdelegate votes, which are not cast until the convention. Superdelegates can change their pledged vote at any time up until July’s convention.

No exit polling data will be available for any of Tuesday’s primaries, so information will be limited until the official numbers start rolling in.

Recent polls in California show a tight race between Clinton and Sanders, but Clinton still holds a strong lead in New Jersey.

Sanders dismissed reports from AP that Clinton had clinched the nomination, vowing to supporters at his San Francisco rally that he would carry on to the convention if he wins California.

On the Republican side, Trump has already secured the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. Tuesday’s GOP primaries offer 303 delegates in five states.

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