Bernie Sanders Loses California, but Vows to Continue Campaign

Bernie Sanders vowed on Tuesday that his campaign will continue until Philadelphia. The speech came after Hillary Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee on Tuesday, beating Sanders in New Jersey and California.

“I’ve received a very kind call from President Obama tonight,” stated Sanders. The Vermont Senator also stated that he received a call from Hillary Clinton and congratulated her on her victories on Tuesday night.

“The struggle continues,” he said when discussing the changes the American people want.

Sanders stated, “If there is one thing this campaign has proven, it’s that millions of Americans are willing to stand up and fight for what they believe.” The Senator also applauded the young voters that voted for him and states that it was the most “extraordinary” part of his campaign.

The Senator did not reiterate that he is the best candidate to beat Donald Trump, which he has done in the past.

“His major theme is bigotry,” he said when discussing Trump.

Sanders and President Barack Obama will meet at the White House on Thursday. The Senator requested a White House visit, during which the two are expected to discuss economic policies and politics. The meeting is expected to expand on the discussions the two had on the phone on Sunday. Obama is expected to try and unify the Democratic party behind Clinton.

Written by Andrew

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