Clinton Calls Victory a ‘Milestone’ for Women

In her victory speech on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton thanked many people, but she aimed her focus on the women in her life, casting her victory as a milestone for women. Speaking to a crowd of supporters at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the former secretary of state claimed to have won the majority of pledged delegates.

“My mother believed that life is about serving others,” Clinton said. “She taught me never to back down from a bully.”

Clinton said she wished her mother could be with her and to see what the “wonderful mother Chelsea has become.”

“I wish she could see her daughter become the Democratic Party’s nominee,” Clinton added as the crowd erupted in cheers.

The presumptive Democratic nominee said her campaign is about making sure there are “no ceilings” for any American, and focused heavily on women’s rights in her remarks.

“It all started right here in New York, a place called Seneca Falls, when a small but determined group of women and men came together with the idea that women deserved equal rights,” Clinton said.

Clinton also made a dutiful attempt to woo supporters of her rival Bernie Sanders, stating that “it never feels good to put your heart into a cause or candidate” and come up short.

Written by Andrew

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