Donald Trump’s Lawyer is Donating to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has been busy trying to reframe his recent attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Meanwhile, his own lawyer has donated money to Clinton’s campaign, and he made the move after Trump had already hired him.

Daniel Petrocelli, the lawyer defending Trump in the Trump University case, has made donations to Hillary Clinton and several other Democrats over the years.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, an organization that tracks political donations, Petrocelli gave $2,700 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in January, one month after being hired by Donald Trump. O’Melveny & Myers, Petrocelli’s firm, also donated $20,000 to the Clinton campaign.

Petrocelli has argued several high-profile cases, including a civil suit against O.J. Simpson for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Thus far, Trump hasn’t attacked his lawyer for supporting Hillary Clinton, and there’s little reason to believe that he would. Petrocelli’s political views have no place in the courtroom.

Petrocelli told the Hollywood Reporter in April that Trump “didn’t hire me for my political views. He hired me for my legal skills.”

Trump has been under fire for his recent attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel. The presumptive GOP nominee told the Wall Street Journal that Curiel’s “Mexican heritage” caused “an absolute conflict of interest” in the overseeing of Trump U cases.

Several Republicans have denounced Donald Trump’s remarks, and some have even rescinded their endorsements of Trump in response to the attack.

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