Trump Confident in Republican Nomination, “People Are Tired of Political Correctness”

Donald Trump, Republican presidential nominee, had stark words for politicians that are so “politically correct anymore, they can’t breathe” in an interview held on Tuesday. The remarks came after increased backlash against Trump for his comments of a federal judge overseeing the billionaire’s Trump University lawsuit.

Trump continued with, “The people are tired of this political correctness when things are said that are totally fine.”

The comments came before Trump sealed his nomination with the final primaries on Tuesday night. Trump’s victory speech showed a somber side of Trump that was less on the offensive and appealed to Republicans that have been reluctant to endorse a Trump presidency.

Trump refused to admit his comments against Judge Curiel were race-driven or hurtful. The billionaire insists that his comments were “misconstrued.”

“I didn’t get there by doing it a way a lot of these people do it,” stated Trump in reference to winning the Republican nomination. “I disagree with a lot of things I’ve watched in politics over the years,” he said. “That’s why I’m running.”

Trump has received backlash following his early campaign announcement that he will build a wall between Mexico and the United States. Trump asserted that Judge Curiel, of Mexican heritage, is being unfair to him because he is building a wall.

Written by Andrew

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