Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to Meet on Tuesday

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders will meet with Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democratic nominee, on Tuesday to discuss her policy positions and determine whether he will support her.

“I simply want to get a sense of what kind of platform she will be supporting,” Sanders said in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The senator says he wants to see where Clinton stands on his campaign’s key issues, including standing up for the working families and the middle class, climate change, healthcare for all, and tuition-free public colleges.

Sanders said once he and Hillary have their discussion, he can determine whether the Democratic Party will have a progressive platform, and “will be able to make other decisions.”

The senator dodged the question of whether he was still actively in the race for president, asserting that he will do everything in his power to ensure Trump does not win the presidency.

But the Vermont senator still has reservations about Clinton.

“I don’t think Hillary Clinton can lead a political revolution,” said Sanders. If Hillary Clinton is smart, he said, she will understand that standing up for working families and taking on big money interests is good politics.

Sanders is looking for Clinton to adopt progressive taxation reforms and rein in Wall Street. He also wants Clinton to adopt his healthcare-for-all platform.

Written by Andrew


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