Joe Scarborough Tells GOP to Stand Up to Trump

Former congressman Joe Scarborough has a message for Republicans who are hesitantly backing the party’s presumptive nominee: stand up to Donald Trump.

The MSNBC “Morning Joe” host explained what’s at stake for House members and senators running against Democrats in November.

Scarborough urged Republicans to hold a town hall meeting to address the issue. “Call a town hall meeting,” he said. “Say this is why I’m not going to endorse Donald Trump until he does one, two, tree.”

Scarborough pointed to the time when he had to “explain” his reasoning for “running New Gingrich out of town.”

“I went around the district, held town hall meetings, explained how he turned his back on the very conservative values that got us there,” he explained. Scarborough said he stressed the most important issues, and the party understood.

The former congressman made it clear that he does not support Hillary Clinton, but noted that he will not support a candidate that will lose to Clinton in the general election and “ruin the Republican Party for the next generation.”

Scarborough questioned Republican leaders’ failure to stand up against Donald Trump, claiming that Trump will go back to his life of golfing and traveling the world if he were to lose the election. The “Morning Joe” host called on GOP leaders to tell Trump, “This is our country. This is our party. This is our conservative movement.”

Written by Andrew


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