Poll: 70% of Americans Have a Negative View of Donald Trump

A recent poll from the Washington Post and ABC news released on Wednesday point to an all-time unfavorable view of Republican Donald Trump. The poll shows that 7 out of 10 Americans, or 70%, have a negative view of the presumptive Republican nominee.

The poll found that 56% of those polled felt “strongly” about their negative view of Trump.

The previous poll from May had a 60% unfavorable rate of Trump, showing that Americans are gaining an increasingly negative view of the Republican. The 10% jump follows harsh comments about a judge’s ethnicity and his use of the Orlando Massacre as a way to boost his platform and push his political agenda.

Clinton’s unfavorable view in the poll was 55%. Positive views of Clinton reached 43%, according to the poll, much higher than Trump’s favorable rating. Unfavorable views of Clinton rose 2% in the last month and reached a record for Clinton since she became first lady in 1992 during her husband’s term as president.

The survey polled 1,000 adults nationwide over a period of 4 days from June 8 – 12.

Independent voter views of Trump jumped from a favorable rating of -19 to a favorable rating of -38 in June. Registered voters’ views have shifted to 69% of those polled having an unfavorable view of Trump, up from 57% the month prior.

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