Sanders and Clinton Meet Following Final 2016 Primary

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders met on Tuesday night following the final primary in 2016. Sanders entered through the front door of the Capitol Hilton, while Clinton went through the back door after being dropped off in an alley.

Clinton won the final primary in Washington D.C. by a landslide, receiving 78.7% of the vote and earning 16 out of 20 total delegates.

Aides for both parties suggest that the talks between the two Democrats were positive and were aimed at unifying the party. Jane Sanders, Sanders’ wife, also attended the meeting as well as Jeff Weaver, head of Sanders’ campaign.

Progressive issues, such as raising wages, were discussed as well as lowering the cost of colleges for families. The two sides also discussed removing undisclosed money in politics. All of these issues are issues that both Sanders and Clinton agree on.

The meeting lasted an hour and a half, with Clinton retreating from the backdoor and Sanders leaving through the front door.

Prior to the meeting, Clinton stated that she would spend a lot of the time during the meeting listening. “I want to hear what’s on his mind,” Clinton said. The two candidates are working to unifying the Democratic party with the hope of overcoming Republican Donald Trump in the general election.

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