51 Diplomats from the State Department Call for New US Policies on Syria

A total of 51 career diplomats in the State Department called on the White House to change their policy on Syria. The group signed an internal cable asking for more action to be put against Bashar Assad, Syrian dictator.

The cable was handed to the Director of Policy Planning at the State Department, and signed by officials in charge of human rights and policies in the Middle East. The cable remains classified at this time.

Signatories of the cable consider policy action against Syria to be largely a failure over the last five years. Humanitarian shipments that failed to make it to Syria were noted as well as Syrians starving to death.

Sources close to the matter allege that the White House has focused on ISIS and largely ignored Syria and Assad. Authors of the bill believe that the violence in Syria is fueling ISIS and endangers the United States and its allies.

Policy recommendations do not go into specifics, according to sources.

The cable has a high number of signatures, which is unprecedented, states sources. Authors state that the cable is not an effort to point fingers at policymakers, but a chance to provide reason for a policy review.

The Director of Policy Planning, Joe Finer, has 30 – 60 days to respond to the cable in writing.

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