Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Concede, Talks Political Revolution and Future of DNC

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders didn’t concede to Hillary Clinton on Thursday night during a live-streamed speech. Sanders discussed several important routes the Democratic party must take in the future, and asserted that his main goal is to defeat Donald Trump in the general election.

Sanders no longer discussed beating Clinton, following her clinching of the Democratic nomination.

“We cannot have a president that insults Mexicans, Latinos, Muslims and African-Americans,” he said. Sanders discussed what needs to be done in the future for the Democratic Party. The party needs new life and fresh perspectives, he asserted via a teleprompter.

“My hope is that when future historians look back and describe how our country moved forward into reversing the drift toward oligarchy, they will note, to a significant degree, that the effort began with the political revolution in 2016,” stated Sanders.

Sanders called for his passionate supporters to enter different branches of government from local, state and government levels to move the Democratic party forward during his speech.

The Senator did state that he and Clinton have strong disagreements, but that the two do have similar opinions on some matters. “I look forward in the coming weeks to continued discussions between the two campaigns to make sure your voices are heard,” said Sanders.

Written by Andrew

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