An-anti Trump Group Raises Money in Last Attempt to Stop Donald Trump

An anti-Trump ground comprised of Republicans are raising cash in a last-ditch effort to stop Donald Trump from being the presumptive Republican nominee through rule changes. Rule changes at the national convention will be proposed by the group.

The group of Republicans have held two conference calls in the last week, with over 1,000 people in on the call.

The group aims to pass a new rule at the Republican National Convention in July, which will change the way free delegates are allowed to vote. The rule would eliminate any delegate obligations put in place by the state’s primaries and allow the delegates to vote based on their “conscience.”

Donald Trump was given the nomination thanks to overwhelming support from voters, which led to Trump achieving landslide wins in many states.

A last ditch attempt to get Trump out of the general election is likely to run out of steam as the window to stop Trump has all but closed. The group estimates 250 delegates were on the phone during the last conference call.

The group has ramped up its efforts to change the rules before the general election, as Trump’s numbers in the polls continue to fall against presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Written by Andrew

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