Sanders’ Push to Remove Super Delegates Gains Momentum

More Democratic senators are showing support for reforming the party’s controversial superdelegate system. The move would dilute the party’s power in the nominating process, but would appease Bernie Sanders and his supporters as Democrats push for unity in the general election.

Politico spoke with a number of Sanders’ colleagues, and many expressed support for change, including influential members of the establishment such as Senator Tim Kaine. Approximately half of the surveyed senators supported lowering the number of superdelegates, and nearly all believe the party should address the matter at the convention in Philadelphia next month.

While many party members are in favor of change, powerful Democrat constituencies, such as the Congressional Black Caucus, are strongly opposed. Lawmakers who are in favor of reform are in disagreement over how to go about making changes.

Some senators chose not to comment on the matter out of fear of alienating party leaders or activists. A number of other Democrats are okay with reform, and simply want to put the drama over nominating rules behind them.

The Democratic Party has 714 superdelegates that are meant to give the party a helping hand in the nominating process. The goal is to prevent a grassroots candidate from securing the nomination, and wind up being a poor general election candidate.

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