Trump Raises $3.1 Million in May, Lags Behind Clinton in Fundraising

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump raised $3.1 million in May, doubling his fundraising in April as he solicits donations to battle Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Despite raising a significant amount more last month, Trump’s spending outpaced the inflow of donations. According to Monday’s federal disclosures, the GOP nominee started the month of June with just $1.29 million in cash, far behind Clinton’s $42 million.

In May, Hillary Clinton raised $26 million.

Clinton in banking on her war chest of cash to fuel her lead in the general election by hiring a large staff and spending millions on digital and television ads in battleground states.

Trump has funded the majority of his campaign with his own money, and held his first general election fundraiser in late May. The New York billionaire is aiming to run a race that continues to build on his low-spending primary operation.

But Trump’s aides say the cash is “pouring in” for the general election. Prior to his fundraising efforts, Trump loaned his campaign $46 million.

Trump still faces a number of hurdles in convincing donors with deep pockets to fill the Republican Party’s coffers and help the GOP nominee compete against Hillary Clinton in November’s election.

Republican leaders and even Trump’s allies and donors are concerned about the way he runs his campaign and his comments.

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