Trump Dodges Lack of Campaign Funding, Focuses on Personal Wealth

Donald Trump raised just $3.1 million in May in individual contributions to his campaign for presidency. The billionaire shrugged off the lack of funding, citing his personal wealth, which he will use to run his presidential campaign if necessary.

Hillary Clinton, Trump’s presumptive opponent leading into the general election, raised $26 million in May and has secured $42 million in funding to date.

Funding allows for candidates to spend more on a bigger staff and on advertisements during the election. Clinton’s monetary advantage will allow her to hire a larger staff and run additional advertisement campaigns in an effort to overcome Trump in the general election.

Trump famously funded his campaign to become the GOP nominee and has openly stated that he resents criticism from Republicans. Trump says he needs to raise cash going into the general election. Analysts forecast that Trump may need as much as $1 billion to fund his campaign in November, but he has stated that he has unlimited “cash on hand.”

According to Trump, he has spent $50 million of his own money on his campaign so far and is willing to fund his campaign in the general election if needed. Trump has shrugged off statements that he needs to raise money, but has been actively taking steps to increase donations in recent weeks.

Written by Andrew

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