70% of Voters Think Trump Should Cut Business Ties

Nearly 70% of voters think Donald Trump, presumptive Republican nominee, should step down as president and chairman of his Trump Organization while he’s running for office, according to a new poll from CNN/ORC. The poll’s results come in as Trump visits Scotland to re-open his organization’s golf course.

While 69% of voters think Trump should step down from his leadership position in the company, 28% think he should maintain his position as president and chairman.

The group in favor of Trump stepping down is broad and bipartisan, with 71% of independents, 56% of Republicans and 77% of Democrats making up the group.

Among voters who say they would vote for Trump in the general election, 55% believe he should cut ties with his business as long as he’s involved in politics.

Over the last week, Trump and Clinton have both given speeches highlighting why they think their opponent shouldn’t be president. Trump’s speech on Wednesday delivered sharp attacks on the Clinton Foundation, while Clinton’s address on Tuesday criticizes Trump’s business competence.

Results from the poll, which was conducted before the speeches were given, found half of voters think Trump has unfairly attacked Clinton. Only 36% of participants think Clinton has attacked Trump unfairly.

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