Clinton’s Speech Highlights Her Economic Vision for the U.S.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on Wednesday that highlighted her vision for the U.S. economy. The former secretary of state said if Congress does not take steps to close tax loopholes that benefit corporations and the wealthy, she will take the issue up with the Treasury Department if she is elected as president.

Speaking in Raleigh, North Carolina, Clinton said, “Let’s make sure Wall Street, corporations and the super rich pay their fair share of taxes.”

Clinton took her campaign stop as an opportunity to share her vision for improving the U.S. economy, and comes just days after her speech on Tuesday that attacked Donald Trump, her presumptive opponent in the general election.

The Democratic nominee took a moment to talk directly to people who believe the “game is rigged,” saying the best evidence that this is true is the tax code.

“It is riddled with scams, loopholes and other special breaks,” Clinton said.

Clinton said she would use her presidential authority to order the Treasury Department to enact tax reform if Congress failed to do so.

President Barack Obama has been criticized for his use of executive action during his tenure are president.

Clinton says tax reform is just one aspect of her five-prong approach to jumpstarting the U.S. economy if she is elected in November.

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