Clinton to Campaign with Warren in Ohio

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will hit the campaign trail in Ohio on Monday with a not-so-surprising colleague: populist Senator Elizabeth Warren. The move is an early attempt to neutralize Donald Trump’s appeal in the state.

Warren, a vocal critic of Wall Street and one of Clinton’s picks for VP, will aid the Democratic nominee in preventing Trump from gaining ground in the state by staying focused on improving the U.S. economy.

Ohio is a key state for Republicans and presidential candidates in general. The state has backed every successful nominee since the 1960s, and no Republican president has won the White House without the support of Ohio.

Warren’s rhetoric about reining in corporate greed and breaking up the banks that are too big to fail may help Clinton win over two key groups in the election, including supporters of Bernie Sanders.

Warren’s views also help win over voters who are anxious about the economy, which includes Trump supporters who believe the system is “rigged” to work only for the rich and powerful.

Since Clinton emerged as the presumptive Democratic nominee, she has been attempting to paint Donald Trump as an unfit candidate for the presidency. Clinton has accused Trump of caring more about how Britain’s exit from the EU would benefit him financially than the impact it would have on the U.S. economy.

Written by Andrew

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