Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump a ‘Money Grubber’ on Campaign Trail

Making her debut on the 2016 campaign trail on Monday, Elizabeth Warren kicked things off with a harsh attack on Donald Trump, calling the presumptive Republican nominee “a small, insecure money grubber.”

Speaking to the crowd, Warren said Trump would “crush you into the dirt,” highlighting the sharp contrasts between the two parties.

Warren’s speech served as a preview for what’s to come, as the senator appears to be taking a high-profile role in the general election. Using the same populist tone Warren is famous for, the senator said Trump was only in the presidential race for himself, and he wouldn’t think twice about hurting the middle class for his own personal gain.

“When Donald Trump says he’ll make America great, he means greater for rich guys just like Donald Trump,” Warren said.

Clinton’s and Warren’s appearance on Monday further fueled speculations that Clinton may be considering Warren as her running mate.

Clinton did little to quash the rumors, calling Warren “formidable” and admired her ability to get under Trump’s skin.

The presumptive Democratic nominee continued her narrative that Trump is unfit to be president.

Trump shot back at Warren and Clinton, attacking Warren for characterizing her Native American Heritage in 2012 and calling her a sellout for supporting a candidate who receives millions of dollars in campaign contributions from Wall Street.

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