Republicans: Clinton, State Department Acted Shamefully in Failing to Turn Over Emails

Rep. Trey Gowdy and House Select Committee Republicans on Benghazi say the State Department and Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state, acted shamefully in failing to turn over the emails from her private server. Republicans say Clinton’s actions had made it “impossible” to know whether all of the details of the attack in Libya on September 11, 2012 will ever be known.

The committee’s final report, due on Tuesday, asserts that the investigation was dragged on for months because the Obama administration stonewalled the panel. The committee has also threatened to initiate contempt of Congress proceedings against John Brennan, CIA Director, and John Kerry, Secretary of State.

The report criticizes the Obama administration for repeatedly and willfully failing to cooperate with the investigation. The panel was forced to use subpoenas and threats of subpoenas to obtain information. Republicans assert that the State Department has yet to turn over thousands of pages of documents related to an investigation by the Accountability Review Board on the Benghazi incident.

Altogether, the select committee issued over a dozen subpoenas and threatened to issue several dozen more to federal agencies.

In the past, Clinton has denied any wrongdoing in using her private email server, but the former secretary of state now admits that using the server was a mistake.

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