Trump and Richard Trumka to Hold Speeches on Trade Issues on Tuesday

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump will face off against Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President, on Tuesday with a focus on trade issues. Trumka is the head of the biggest union federation in the country and is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Trump is visiting Ohio and Pennsylvania in an effort to win over blue collar workers by focusing on Clinton’s lack of support for American workers and her record on trade.

AFL-CIO consists of 56 unions that represents over 12 million workers. The federation endorsed Clinton earlier in June and warns against the consequences of a Trump presidency. Trumka will offer a counterattack to Trump’s speech on Tuesday at the Washington conference.

“Donald Trump talks a good game on trade, but his first and only loyalty is to himself,” Trumka is expected to say.

Bernie Sanders criticized Clinton’s stance on trade deals and her lack of support for blue collar workers during his campaign. Blue-collar workers are seen as a weak spot for Clinton after she struggled to gain support from the group in her campaign leading up to her securing the required delegates to be the Democratic nominee.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be a major focal point of the speech tonight, with Clinton being pushed to reject the TPP during her campaign.

Written by Andrew


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