Debate Over Clinton’s Role in Benghazi Attacks Reignited After Report

Republicans took aim at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday following a panel report on the Benghazi attacks that ended with four Americans killed in 2012 in Libya. The final report did not contain a “smoking gun” or new revelations into the attack, but refueled the debate on whether Clinton and her staff could have done more to protect Americans.

The 800-page report was called “shameful” by Republicans for a lack of response by congressional investigations.

A two-year investigation is likely the last one into the attacks following seven other panels investigating the attacks.

Led by Tery Gowdy, a Republican Representative, the report is being used by the GOP to question Clinton’s national security credentials heading into the general election. Clinton is also under investigation for her illegal usage of a private email server that was used to circumvent the FOIA.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has attacked Clinton’s response to the Benghazi incident and holds her personally responsible for the deaths of Americans as a result.

Clinton’s campaign brushed off the report and stated that it found nothing new that other probes didn’t uncover.

“Benghazi is just another Hillary Clinton failure,” stated Trump via a Twitter post just hours after the report was released.

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