Hoping to Seal His Legacy, Obama Hits the Campaign Trail with Clinton

President Barack Obama joined Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail Tuesday, hoping to seal his legacy and help elect a Democratic successor. Riding together on Air Force One, the two arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina looking to gain the trust of voters.

Clinton’s aides say the president will share his foe-to-friend tale of his relationship with Clinton, serving as a validating voice on her qualifications and character. But Obama will also talk of his own achievements and record, which very much depends on his successor.

A Trump presidency would threaten Obama’s legacy and potentially undo all of the work he has focused on since becoming president.

The president’s appearance with Clinton comes as the presumptive Democratic nominee is facing refreshed criticism of her character and trustworthiness. Obama makes his first call on Americans to vote for Clinton as his administration continues its investigation into her use of a private email server. The Democratic nominee was brought into the FBI for an interview on Sunday.

Obama’s endorsement of Clinton comes after several months of waiting. The president, like most other Democrats, expected the primary season to conclude much earlier than it did. The tragic attack in Orlando further delayed the president’s return to the campaign trail.

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