Hillary Clinton’s Claims Found to be False, According to FBI Findings

FBI director James B. Comey announced on Tuesday that the FBI doesn’t recommend a criminal case against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for her usage of a private email server during her term as Secretary of State. Republicans are in an outrage over the decision, with Donald Trump, presumptive Republican nominee, questioning the FBI’s decision.

Clinton routinely downplayed her email usage and claimed many times that she did not receive or send classified information from her private server.

Comey’s speech stated that the private email server contained 110 private emails that were classified at the time of being sent. The emails should not have been sent or received as a result of their classification.

The former Secretary of State’s argument the entire time during the investigation was that she never used her email server to send or receive classified information. Last August, she stated, “I did not send classified material,” which was found to be a lie, according to the FBI.

Comey suggests that Clinton and her aides were extremely careless in their handling of sensitive and highly classified information.

Some emails sent by Clinton were also marked as “classified,” according to the FBI, but a specific number of emails was not mentioned.

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