Trump’s Campaign Still Lacks Numbers to Lock Down Nomination

Donald Trump’s campaign still lacks the minimum number of supportive delegates to lock down the nomination and prevent a revolt at the Republican National Convention, a committee delegate says.

Randy Evans, RNC Committeeman and Rules Committee delegate, says Trump has the support of 888 delegates, but he needs 1,237 to pass rules for the convention. Without the simple majority of delegates, the door is still open for the GOP to block Trump’s nomination.

According to Evans’ estimates, 682 delegates are open to delegate unbinding efforts, which leaves 903 potential swing votes.

A floor vote, which would give delegates the freedom to vote for any candidate, is a long shot, especially considering that the party has no other candidate in mind.

Oregon Rules Committee member Soloman Yue said without a clear alternative to Trump and unity in the party, it will be difficult to organize a movement against the presumptive nominee.

The previous 2012 rules are expected to pass without any major changes, which means the convention secretary would record each candidate’s bound delegates and ignore “conscience” votes. Yue says in order to raise a point of order to challenge the nomination, it would require the majority of delegates from seven states.

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