Clinton’s Email Troubles Not Over Yet as State Department Resumes Probe

Hillary Clinton’s troubles have reignited after a rollercoaster of a week where the director of the FBI recommended no further investigation into Clinton following the FBI’s own probe into the matter. The Attorney General also announced that they will close the case against Clinton shortly after.

The FBI found that 110 emails were deemed, classified despite Clinton stating on record that classified information was not sent or received from her server.

Reports are coming out that the FBI states some of the classified information was allowed to be accessed by Clinton aides that did not have clearance. Some emails were highly classified to the point where the agencies involved cannot have their names released publically.

The State Department has since announced that they will resume the probe into Clinton’s email usage following backlash from Republicans.

John Kirby, department spokesperson, stated, “Given the Department of Justice has now made its announcement, the State Department intends to conduct its internal review.” Kirby elaborated further on the matter by stating that the State Department’s internal “process for reviewing potential cases of mishandling of information does not apply exclusively to current employees.”

The department could issue a security violation or infraction that would affect Clinton’s security clearance in the future.

Written by Andrew

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