Trump’s Meeting on Thursday With Republican Congress Members Encouraging

Donald Trump met with Republican members of Congress on Thursday with blunt exchanges and encouraging words. Several lawmakers offered encouraging words to the presumptive Republican nominee, and many lawmakers were past critics of Trump.

Trump’s first session on Thursday included a hug with critic Paul Ryan, and jokes between the two Republicans during the hour-long session.

Bill Flores states Trump said, “I’m going to make you proud,” during the session.

Trump has sought to unify the Republican party behind him, with numerous meetings and speeches in recent weeks. The Republican will speak in Miami on Friday to discuss economic policies of Democrats and talk about how the party has harmed minorities, according to policy adviser Steve Moore.

The session drew in 41 out of 54 Republican Senators. Trump called out three senators during the session that have been critical of his candidacy.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, states the meeting was “positive and productive.”

Trump also met with former campaign trail rival Ted Cruz in a private meeting. Cruz has not yet endorsed Trump, and according to sources, the two did not discuss an endorsement. Trump invited Cruz to speak at the Republican National Convention, which takes place in a week. Cruz accepted the invitation.

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