Obama Ends Trip To Poland As Questions About His Legacy Linger

United States President Barack Obama ended his two-day stop in Poland on Saturday with lingering questions about his legacy on the line. The President insisted that he will not assess his own legacy, stating that he would rather let historians do the assessing.

The President visited Warsaw with a main focus on gun violence in the United States and statements surrounding the recent mass shootings in the country.

Obama’s press secretary stated that the President’s biggest frustration as President was the inability to sway Congress to pass gun control measures. The President called attention to racial divides in the US, and praised police in the country, many of which minorities do not trust following two killings of African Americans.

A resident Pew poll indicated that Americans believe Obama has not made progress on race relations.

The President responded to the polls on Saturday, stating “change takes time.” The President continued, “If my voice has been true and positive, then my hope would be that it may not fix everything right away, but it surfaces problems, it frames them; it allows us to wrestle with these issues and try to come up with practical solutions.”

Obama urged leaders in the United Kingdom and Europe to execute a responsible exit following Brexit.

Written by Andrew


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