Biden Mocks Trump Following “Law and Order Candidate” Claim

Donald Trump declared that he is the “law and order candidate” in recent days. Vice President Joe Biden discussed the matter with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s Good Morning America. Stephanopoulos stated, “Donald Trump was out saying he is the law and order candidate. He’s going to make America safe again.”

The Vice President grinned and laughed following the statement.

The host questioned Biden by saying, “Is that your response? A laugh?”

Biden returned the question by saying, “I’d rather not make this story about Donald Trump.” Biden further elaborated that Trump has had a tough time getting law enforcement to fund the Republican Party.

The VP and President Barack Obama discussed the recent shootings in Dallas last Thursday following two fatal shootings. The meeting took place with top law enforcement officials at the White House on Monday.

Clinton’s problems fixing voter trust were questioned, but Biden showed little concern over the matter.

“She fixes it just by the campaign and for people to listen more close to what Donald Trump is saying. And that will happen,” Biden said.

Stephanopoulos was a former Bill Clinton staffer prior to becoming a talk show host.

Biden asserts that voters will need to look at Clinton’s and Trump’s proposals to tell which are honest and real.

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