Clinton and Sanders Join Forces to Fight Trump

Hillary Clinton has been fighting tooth and nail to win over support from Bernie Sanders’s most loyal supporters in places where they’ll matter the most in November. Through social events, one-on-one meetings and campaign events, Clinton’s team has been courting the Vermont senator’s supporters in key battleground states that Sanders won during the primary.

Clinton’s first payoff may come on Tuesday, as Sanders joins the presumptive Democratic nominee at an event meant to display unity in the party. While most party supporters are hoping for an endorsement, the Sanders campaign has stated that he is not dropping out of the race.

Even with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, unifying the Democratic Party hasn’t been easy, and the fight may not be over just yet.

Although Sanders has stated that he will do everything in his power to defeat Trump, the Vermont senator has yet to officially endorse Clinton and has worked diligently to ensure that many of his campaign’s ideals would be put into the party’s platform.

Clinton’s top aides have also gone to great lengths to speak with Sanders’ convention delegates.

Despite all of Clinton’s efforts, however, there are still many hold-outs in key states that refuse to swing their support.

Written by Andrew

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