Sanders Supporters Not Ready to Get Behind Clinton

Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton at a joint event in New Hampshire on Tuesday, ending the rivalry between both candidates. While Sanders has hopped on the Clinton train, many of his supporters are staying behind, refusing to throw their support to the Democratic nominee.

Clinton and Sanders declared war on Trump and each praised the other’s political career. But even after the joint event, many supporters of the Vermont senator are saying “Never Hillary.” With many of his supporters expressing skepticism and animosity toward Clinton at the event, it’s clear that the former secretary of state still has quite a bit of work to do if she hopes to win over populist liberals.

Sanders supporter Sam Weaver of Webster, Massachusetts said there was nothing Clinton could do or say to win over his support. And Weaver isn’t convinced that Sanders is out of the race for the Democratic nominee just yet.

Many of the Vermont senator’s supporters expressed their doubts and skepticism of Clinton, pointing to the recent FBI investigation and her refusal to release transcripts from her Goldman Sachs speeches.

Clinton spoke directly to the supporters of Bernie Sanders in her speech on Tuesday, acknowledging that he started a political revolution.

“To everyone here and everyone across the country who poured your heart and soul into Sen. Sanders’ campaign: Thank you,” Clinton said.

Written by Andrew


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