Trump Edges Up on Clinton in Key Battleground States

The tides are turning for Donald Trump in key battleground states. New swing polls from Quinnipiac University released on Wednesday show that Trump is leading Clinton in Pennsylvania and Florida. The Republican nominee is tied with Clinton in Ohio.

With Trump leading Clinton in three of the general election’s most important states, the recent poll shows that the race between both candidates is much closer than national polls indicate. National surveys point to Clinton having a near double-digit lead on Trump.

The race is still close in these three battleground states, with Trump holding a three-point lead in Florida at 42% to 39%. The two candidates are tied in Ohio, and Trump leads 43% to 41% in Pennsylvania.

Trump thanked his supporters on Twitter after the results of the poll were released, tweeting: “Thank you! #ImWithYou,” a jab at Clinton’s campaign slogan, “I’m With Her.”

Other recent polls show Clinton having a lead on Trump in all three of these states. In national polls, Clinton holds a 3-4 point lead on Trump, with HuffPost Pollster average showing a 4.3% lead.

The results of the FBI investigation and FBI Director James Comey’s comments may be driving Clinton’s poll numbers down ahead of the convention.

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