Senator Angus King Chooses Clinton Over Trump

Independent Maine Senator Angus King says he’ll vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump in the general election this November. The senator doubts Trump’s competence for handling the challenges of presidency, and admires the Democratic nominee’s experience as secretary of state as well as her decision-making abilities.

King referenced his recent trip to Joint Base Andrews when remarking about his presidential vote. The senator boarded the National Airborne Operations Center, and what came next “really shook” and “influenced” his decision.

“[We] had a nuclear attack exercise where an Air Force officer played the president and a secretary of defense,” King said, “The first thing we noticed there was a big clock showing missiles leaving,” he added. “The big clock said 28 minutes. That was the time the president had to make a decision.

King said that in that type of scenario, there’s only one person to make the decision. There are “no checks and balances,” but one person deciding the future of civilization.

The Maine senator said he felt weak in the knees when he got off that plane, realizing how much power the president has. His experience led him to contemplate the possibility of Trump as president, keeping his temperament and judgment in mind. The senator also thought about Clinton’s composure during her 11-hour Benghazi testimony.

King says he cannot “in good conscious” vote for Trump. As far as whether his comment constitutes as an endorsement, King had this to say: “You can call it either way.”

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