Trump Advisors Race to Indiana over VP Pick Rumors

Donald Trump’s advisors rushed to Indiana on Wednesday amid rumors the presumptive Republican nominee was moving away from Pence as his VP pick. Members of Trump’s inner circle are growing alarmingly concerned that the candidate is leaning away from Indiana Governor Mike Pence, favoring New Jersey Governor Chris Christie instead, according to sources close to the matter.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s senior advisor, three of Trump’s children and his son-in-law rushed to meet the GOP nominee in Indiana, where he stayed overnight. The group hoped to intervene as Trump closes in on his VP pick.

Trump stayed in Indiana because of a “technical” issue with his plane after meeting with Pence on Sunday and appearing at a rally on Tuesday with the governor.

While rumors swirled that Pence was the leading contender for Trump’s VP pick, the Republican nominee insisted that there still a number of contenders.

“In my own mind, I probably am thinking about two,” Trump said after divulging that there are three or four potential candidates on the table.

Trump’s advisors are largely divided on who he should pick as his running mate, and acknowledge that their influence is limited.

“Trump is going to pick whoever he’s going to pick,” one campaign source said.

Christie has a personal rapport with Trump that dates back over a decade. Pence, on the other hand, has only met Trump on a handful of occasions and endorsed his rival just days before the primary.

Written by Andrew

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