Trump to Announce Mike Pence as Vice President

Donald Trump’s campaign has strongly suggested that Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be offered the vice presidential slot. Pence has reportedly been offered to run alongside Trump, with sources stating that the governor has accepted.

Trump was slated to announce his running mate, but postponed the event in light of the terror attack in Nice, France last night that left 84 dead and dozens injured.

An official announcement from Trump has not yet been given. The official announcement was scheduled for Friday morning.

“In light of the horrible attack in Nice, France, I have postponed tomorrow’s news conference concerning my vice presidential announcement,” Trump tweeted.

Trump further stated on Fox News, “I haven’t made my final, final decision.”

Later in the evening, Trump was at a fundraiser in Los Angeles and stated that he was “ready to announce.”

The Republican nominee formerly suggested that he would hold off on announcing his VP choice until the Republican National Convention. Pence will need to withdraw from his re-election as governor. Candidates cannot run for state and federal office after July 15.

Pence was an early tea party ally, but has since became chairman of the House Republican Conference and chaired the Republican Study Committee. The 57-year-old Governor demonstrated that he is willing to attack Hillary Clinton in recent weeks. The Governor formally endorsed Ted Cruz in the early May primary in Indiana.

Written by Andrew

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