Pence ‘Supportive’ of Trump’s Muslim Ban

Indiana Governor and Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence said on Friday that he supports Trump’s new call to ban Muslims. The Republican nominee wants to prohibit Muslims from countries with heavy terrorist activity from entering the U.S.

Pence’s support of the ban comes as a surprise, as Trump’s first call for a complete ban of Muslims entering the country was condemned by the Indiana governor. Pence called the idea “offensive and unconstitutional.”

“I am very supportive of Donald Trump’s call to temporarily suspend immigration from countries where terrorist influence and impact represents a threat to the United States,” Pence said in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Pence said Trump’s position on the issue is one that “resonates with millions of Americans,” and stressed the importance of putting the “safety and security of the American people first.”

Trump has recently softened his stance on the issue. The Republican nominee initially called for a complete ban of Muslims from entering the country, but now says the policy would not apply to Muslims from countries not associated with terrorist activities. Trump has yet to confirm which countries he believes are supportive of terrorism.

“There’s no question it’s the right view,” said Pence.

Pence also supports the idea of building a wall on the southern border, and says Mexico will “absolutely” pay for it.

Written by Andrew

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