Ted Cruz Tells Politico That He’s Not Ready to Endorse Trump Yet

Ted Cruz, former Donald Trump opponent, may be forced to endorse Donald Trump. Cruz discussed his appearance at the upcoming Republican National Convention with Politico, stating, “I don’t know that I’m in a position to give campaign advice to Donald Trump,” said Cruz.

Cruz is set to give a speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday in front of a crowd that largely rejected his bid for candidacy.

The Republican will discuss his core values and try to further his stance in an effort for a 2020 bid, state many supporters and aides. Cruz would not discuss what his main speaking points will surround on Wednesday.

“Most wars are not won in a single battle,” he told the interviewer. Fueling rumors that Cruz may be eyeing a 2020 run, the former senator stated, “What I’m looking forward to is changing the course this country is on. I don’t know if that happens in this election cycle or not.”

Cruz insisted that in a fair race, he would have beaten Trump. “Trump would lose state after state after state, and the media would say he can’t be beaten,” he said. Cruz continued, “Four weeks before we dropped out, we were winning the race.”

Cruz won a total of 11 contests to Trump’s 40.

Written by Andrew


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