Benghazi Victim’s Mother: “Hillary Clinton Should be in Stripes”

The mother of a Benghazi attack victim blamed Hillary Clinton for the tragic event during the Republican National Convention on Monday.

“Hillary Clinton should be in stripes,” she said. The mother states that her son called her the night before, telling her, “Mom, I am going to die.” The next day, her son was murdered.

Sean Smith, the woman’s son, stated that all security had been pulled from the building the day prior.

“Hillary for prison,” stated Sean’s mother. “I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son – personally.”

Clinton was investigated for over 11 hours on the Benghazi attack. The attack was investigated by a specially formed House committee. The investigation concluded last month and pointed fingers at the Obama administration for security lapses. The report did not reveal any fault of Clinton. The attack led to the deaths of four Americans.

Smith was a foreign service information management officer.

The crowd at the RNC rallied behind Smith’s mother, with one person in the crowd shouting, “She’s a liar,” in reference to Clinton. “She sure is,” responded Smith.

“He will make America stronger, not weaker,” Smith’s mother said of Donald Trump. The speech set up the following two days of the event, which will feature Trump on the final day.

Written by Andrew

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