Tough-Talking Trump Wins Over Conservative Female Critics

A tough-talking Donald Trump took a major step in winning female critics after an evening of female-centric speeches at the Republican National Convention on Monday.

So far, Trump has only managed to sway conservative women. If he hopes to win the general election in November, the Republican nominee will need to deliver a message that resonates with undecided or independent women voters.

Trump seized the opportunity to do just that on Monday at the Republican National Convention, with an evening of speeches from several female speakers, including his wife Melania. The main focus of the evening: security. Ms. Trump told convention goers that her husband would provide America with new leadership and keep the country “safe and secure.”

The recent attacks in Florida and France coupled with the murders of police officers in Louisiana and Texas have left Americans rattled.

Kay White, Republican delegate who initially supported Senator Ted Cruz, said, “We’re not electing a husband, we’re not electing a preacher. We’re electing a leader.”

On the topic of security, White says, “Nothing else matters.”

While Trump’s focus on national security may win over some females, independents will be a tough sell for the GOP nominee. The majority of independent women voters hold an unfavorable opinion of Trump.

A recent Reuters poll from June 1 through July 15 showed that 64% of independent female voters had a “very unfavorable” or “somewhat unfavorable” opinion of Trump. In comparison, 89% of female Democrats and 31% of Republican women have similar views of the Republican nominee.

Written by Andrew

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