Republicans Urge Cruz to Back Trump

Conservatives are pushing Ted Cruz, former Republican presidential candidate, to formally endorse Donald Trump.

Cruz will be speaking at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, and is one of the most prominent holdouts in the party. Cruz has refused to back Trump even as the majority of the nominee’s critics have united behind him.

The Texas senator’s top supporters, including members of his home state’s delegation, have rallied behind Trump. Many are urging Cruz to follow suit for the sake of uniting the party and preserving his political future.

“I do see he has difficulties because there were harsh words uttered about Cruz and his family,” said Texas delegate Kathy Rogers. Rogers says despite this, Cruz should endorse Trump for the sake of the party. “I hope he would support the nominee and support the country by getting rid of Hillary.”

But not all of Cruz’s supporters are ready to jump on the Trump bandwagon. Senator Mike Lee, a close ally of Cruz, has been very vocal in his opposition to the Republican nominee.

It’s still unclear whether Cruz is really ready to give Trump an official endorsement. Sources close to the senator say Cruz has never been one to “do something contrary to his conscience just because it’s politically expedient.”

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