Trump Narrows Deficit Versus Clinton to Just 7 Percentage Points

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has narrowed Democratic Hillary Clinton’s lead over him in the polls from 15 percentage points last week to 7 percentage points this week. Trump’s momentum comes from the rally of Republicans in Cleveland this week at the Republican National Convention.

The polls conducted by Reuters were underway on Tuesday after Trump was officially announced as the Republican nominee.

A poll conducted between July 15 and 19 showed 43% of voters supported Hillary Clinton for president, with 36% supporting Trump for president. Clinton’s numbers from a five-day poll ending on July 14 showed she had a 15 percentage lead over Trump.

Trump’s momentum in the polls is being attributed to voters on the sidelines now swayed to vote for Trump. A major boost to Trump’s polling numbers comes from the support of the Republican party this week.

Trump has not matched Clinton’s support numbers since mid-May when his rivals dropped out of the race. The Republican National Convention allows for another opportunity for Trump’s numbers to rally on public endorsements of his presidency.

Republicans have been reluctant to back Trump for most of the year. Many prominent Republicans have chosen not to attend the convention, including Mitt Romney, John McCain and the entire Bush family.

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