Vilsack, Kaine Leading VP Choices for Clinton

Hillary Clinton returned to her home in New York where she will spend two days finalizing her decision on a running mate. The presumptive Democratic nominee is expected to formally announce her ticket during a campaign sweep in Florida over the weekend, according to Democrats familiar with the matter.

Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary, and Senator Tim Kaine are leading contenders for the role after a week of rigorous vetting, but there are other prospects in contention.

One source close to the Clinton campaign says Kaine has the upper hand, but warned that the former secretary of state may deliver a surprise.

Clinton has yet to finalize her decision, and has consulted with several people for their thoughts and advice, including President Barack Obama.

The deliberations have been extremely private, but sources close to the matter say husband Bill Clinton has also been involved in running mate discussions. While he may get a say, sources say he doesn’t have a vote in the matter.

Clinton is expected to make her first joint appearance with her VP pick on Friday in Tampa, FL and a second appearance in Miami on Saturday.

While top Democrats believe Kaine would be the best option, many speculate that Clinton will make a more calculating move with her pick.

Written by Andrew

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