Trump Considering Harold Hamm for Energy Secretary

Republican nominee Donald Trump is reportedly considering oil and gas mogul Harold Hamm for the position of energy secretary if he is elected president in November, sources close to his campaign say.

The Oklahoma fracking mogul and CEO of Continental Resources would be the first person directly linked to the oil and gas industry to take the position as energy secretary. The move would support Trump’s pro-drilling platform, but would anger environmental advocates.

Republican financier and oil investor Dan Eberhart said he was told by Trump campaign officials that Hamm has been an informal advisor to the GOP nominee on energy policy, and is the top contender for the energy secretary position.

Several other sources close to the Trump campaign also confirmed that Hamm was being considered for the position. None of the sources know of any other candidates Trump may be considering.

Neither Trump nor Hamm have commented on the matter.

During his address at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, Hamm called for more drilling and argued there was too much regulation on the industry. Hamm says regulations limit U.S. oil production and increases America’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil producers.

“Every time we can’t drill a well in America, terrorism is being funded,” said Hamm. The gas and oil mogul claims every “onerous regulation” is putting American lives at risk.

Written by Andrew

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