Trump Taunted His Party in a Private Donor Meeting Hours Before Accepting Nomination

Donald Trump did little to unify the Republican party hours before accepting the Republican nomination. The Republican nominee taunted the party in a private donor meeting, stating that he could have defeated the Republican party if he ran as an independent.

The billionaire spoke to a group of 300 donors just minutes before making his appearance at the convention center, where he would accept the Republican nomination.

Trump told the crowd that the GOP wanted him to sign a loyalty package because they knew that he would beat any Republican candidate he faced. The billionaire also took credit for the pledges of all other Republicans,stating that RNC Chairman Reince Pribus wanted Trump to make a pledge to the Republican party.

“He was calling me asking me to sign the pledge,” stated Trump.”I said, you know what, I’ll sign, but only if everyone else does. And so I did,” he stated. “The pledge was only because of me,” stated the proud nominee.

Sources stated that Trump pledged to work hard for the party, and remarked that the RNC must hire good people to help get out the vote. Trump further noted that he is spending a lot of his own money and is helping the party raise money, too.

Trump discussed Ted Cruz’s failure to endorse him on Wednesday night. “He got booed out. His Texas delegation was expecting him to and really thought he was going to endorse. Honestly, I don’t care,” stated Trump.

Written by Andrew

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