Bernie Sanders Unifies Democratic Party With Prime-time Pitch

Bernie Sanders was the last speaker at the Democratic National Convention on Monday. The Vermont Senator and former presidential hopeful addressed the DNC with a speech calling for Hillary Clinton to be the next president.

“Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States,” proclaimed Sanders.

Delegates were mixed following Sanders’ speech, with boos and cheers erupting from the crowd.

Sanders took to the stage among cheers from the crowd that kept the Senator from speaking for five minutes before the crowd settled down. Cameras panned to the audience when Sanders asked them to support Clinton, with many delegates screaming “not for sale” as tears rolled down their cheeks.

The support from Sanders comes days after WikiLeaks broke the news that the DNC undermined the Sanders campaign. Clinton, in a shocking manner, brought Debbie Wasserman Schultz into her campaign after the leak broke. Schultz, the former DNC chair, worked behind the scenes to undermine the Sanders campaign.

Clinton is slated to be formally nominated on Tuesday. The first day of the convention saw many of Sanders’ allies reluctant to back Clinton and praise Sanders along the way. Protests broke out after the convention on Monday night, leading to an interesting foreshadowing of what may come on the second day of the convention on Tuesday.

Written by Andrew

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