DNC Tried to Hide Clinton Funding Deal Details

Newly leaked emails show that the Democratic National Committee attempted to hide the details of its fundraising arrangement with presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, which funneled money through Democratic parties at the state level.

While the DNC was trying to conceal what was really going on, state parties were keeping less than 0.5% of the $82 million raised through the DNC/Clinton arrangement. The revelation reaffirms concerns raised by Bernie Sanders supporters, campaign finance watchdogs and state party allies.

Known as the Hillary Victory Fund, the arrangement allowed Clinton to seek hundreds of dollars in contributions for her campaign in order to attend extravagant fundraisers, including a concert at Radio City Music Hall and dinner at George Clooney’s home.

Clinton, who has vocally opposed big money in politics, has received criticism for the arrangement.

Supporters of Clinton argue that the fund raised money to boost down-ticket Democrat by helping 40 state parties that are now involved in the fund.

Leaked emails show that DNC officials agreed to withhold information from the media about the allocation formula used by the Hillary Victory Fund. One official blamed Sanders for putting the DNC in a tough position by inciting “a fight in the media with the party bosses over big money fundraising.”

Since the victory fund was created in September, the fund has generated $142 million. About 44% of that landed in the DNC’s coffers and Hillary for America. State parties kept less than $800,000 of the cash, or about 0.56%.

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