FBI Warned DNC of Potential Hack

Federal officials warned the Democratic National Committee of a potential hack in their network months before the party took steps to fix the issue, according to U.S. officials who were briefed on the investigation.

In April, the DNC hired consultants from CrowdStrike, a private security firm, but by the time the hackers were kicked out of the network, they had already been inside for nearly a year. The Democratic National Committee asserts that the hack was carried out by Russian hackers in an attempt to boost Trump’s campaign.

A source familiar with the DNC’s response said the FBI’s warnings were non-specific and gave no indication as to the extent of the problem. It wasn’t until the DNC spotted additional red flags that the committee hired help from an outside party.

The breach of the DNC’s network came around the same time as the breach of the U.S. government systems at the White House and the State Department. NSA analysts found signatures that indicate there were intrusions outside of the government, including the Democratic National Committee.

The FBI confirmed that it had already launched an investigation into the DNC hack on Monday. U.S. officials suspect that the attack was carried out by Russian hackers.

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