Sanders Supporters Walk Out Following Clinton Nomination

Hillary Clinton won the roll call vote to clinch the Democratic nomination for president. Bernie Sanders’ supporters walked out of the convention, held at the Wells Fargo Center, swarming the press tent.

Many supporters called for a resurgence of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Sanders worked tirelessly during the first and second day of the convention to help rally support behind Hillary Clinton, but many supporters will not vote for Clinton. “Bernie or Bust” signs were seen in the crowd as well as supporters wearing gags over their mouth.

“The whole world is watching,” shouted supporters. “She lied, she cheated, she stole our votes,” stated the crowd. Supporters were discussing the recent DNC leak, which showed the DNC undermined the Sanders campaign in an effort to elect Clinton.

Cops quickly acted to control the crowd, closing the doors on them. Secret Service agents responded with Rifles as helicopters circled the crowd, ensuring that violence didn’t breakout.

“Bernie said vote your conscience, and the DNC colluded against us from the beginning,” stated a protester from New Jersey. Kay West from Texas stated, “The thing is, this is not a betrayal to Bernie, this is exactly what Bernie wants us to do.”

Protests outside of the convention stretched a block and included over 1,000 people. A Black Lives Matter protest was going on at the same time.

Written by Andrew

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